Is it true that I will have to buy health insurance or pay a fine?

I voted for Obama because I thought healthcare would be free. If I have to pay for it, I will be upset!
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What's the simplest way togo about auto insurance for an 18-year previous purchasing a Mustang GT?
Hi, I've work @ walmart and that I produce pretty decent cash & next friday after I get paid im planning to EZ means auto sales which really is a pay here buy here vehicle ton for no credit car customers to go to establish vehicle background credit & the automobile that grabbed my vision was a dark on dark on black 2004 Ford Mustang GT, I have to possess it along with the payments wouldn't be that significantly, anything I could manage. What about the insurance? What's the cheapest for my age? I just turned 18 last month & I actually don't wanna spend greater than $200 for auto insurance, that is to not be less than my car fee. HELP ME OUT!"
Car insurance to get a 16-year old in ny?
Hey people I just got a 2001 Dodge Intrepid SE who'd take a 16-year old and howmuch might it be to obtain insurance?
List of inexpensive automobile insurance in Ga -$50 a month?
Inexpensive auto insurance in Atlanta.looking for where I could spend btw $40-$50 per month
62 year old mommy wants to retire but has no health care insurance...Suggestions?
Next year, our 61 year old mom wants to retire. She does not be eligible for a medicare. She has diabetes. How would she get affordable medical care show more"
"Is there any health insurance applications, apart from Medi-Cal Medicare or to help the nearly indigent in Calif.?"
Is there any medical health insurance packages, apart from Medi-Cal Medicare or to aid the nearly indigent in Calif.?"
Massachusetts Health Insurance Premiums greatest in country?
I live-in MA and i spend $14K a year for Tufts Medical Insurance. BCBS of MA required almost $20K. Is this of what is ahead for that remaining USA just a critique? The report from the Commonwealth Fund, a charitable medical care base, showed the typical household quality for strategies offered by businesses in Ma was $13,788 in 2008, 40 percent higher than in 2003. On the same period, an average of 33 percent nationwide rose. Currently, the Commonwealth Fund record initiatives that to $ 26,730, an annual family quality in Ma will climb without significant price reforms by 2020. / news/wellness/articles/2009/08/22/bay_state_health_insurance_premiums_highest_in_country/ America are you ready for Change and Hope?"
What does chips medical insurance cover in texas?
Does it protect gynecologist sessions non-pregnancy associated? braces? I examine repeatedly pamplets and that I won't seem to obtain a grip onto it,can anyone help please?"
Our car insurance fee transpired?
after i got a dui! No question i, haha just wished to share this unbelievable win! Don't worry i try to lessen it and will not click my fortune a second period."
Car insurance to get a 16-year old in ny?
Hey guys I recently got a 2001 Dodge Intrepid SE who'd have a 16-year old and how much might it be to get insurance?
Where could I obtain the best medical or Health coverage in Ny or online?
I functioning and my health care insurance is expired I do want to obtain perhaps a partial fee insurance or a new one where can i sign up for it. I want it to pick my medicaid up.
Could I be under my dadis car insurance?
My dad only ordered a car for me personally being a gift, however it is under his title. Is it feasible for me personally to be added under his insurance as a driver, although I am under my guardian's insurance? or could I've to incorporate that auto under my parentis insurance? That is all-so complicated."
How do I spend less on my auto insurance?
I'm a new driver who's only just passed. Can it be OK when the truth is I'll drive the vehicle all of the moment to put My Father because the primary driver? I heard it really is cheaper that way. Likewise I understand Move Plus may lower it. Does adding it in a storage and having it decreases? What activities can I do to save - the cheapest quotation up to now I found is 600, 1!"
Will this effect my motor insurance?
I'm conscious of that! But my issue was this: the car I'm thinking of buying was involved in an incident with the owner, although not the current manager before that, although basically I'm looking to buy my first automobile! And this is n't quite fully understood by me but the accident was evidently a 'Class D' crash? So what I was wondering was, as this automobile has been doing an accident, (but is currently fixed) although it wasnot me who'd the accident, may this impact the price tag on my auto insurance, whilst the vehicle I'll be driving can have been in an accident before, but not involving myself? Cheers guys:) xx"
Insurance rates on these four cars?
which do you guys believe could be cheapest and many expensive on insurance out-of these four vehicles: 03-05 Acura RSX type-s (v4 information) 01-03 Lexus IS300 (v6 auto) 99 Lexus SC300 (v6 auto) 97 Lexus SC400 (v8 auto) What do insurance companys have a look at, the season and cost of the car (the moment you purchased it)? If so, I would imagine the 2 underside lexusis to be the cheapest, but Im uncertain, simply because they have applications. What does one people think? Thanks beforehand."
Need help! ASAP! What'll the insurance carrier say?
We began to go (this place is under contraction so the lanes are typical tousled). The vehicle facing stops then strikes their braks thus did my sweetheart but it was to late we hit her. The automobile struck us and began to coast back. Then we tryed to take of aside. We recognized that it was a sequence reaction. Vehicle #1 was hit by auto Number 2, car # 2 was struck on by vehicle #3 and we struck car No 3 for the reason that purchase. We did not launch every one of the cars together. The police were called by me and we got the most stupid policeman there is that more or less published the account up incorrect. At the sence everyone agreed what happend. The girl we hit was a woman that is 77-year old. The first thing she when she got out from the vehicle was she could not get her car in-gear. (I don't know although it was out of equipment but fine) Vehicle Number 1 and Auto #2 explained these werenot planning to do something about their automobiles insurance provider smart. Car Number 2 I am confident will soon be pursuing the older female in Car No 3. The older lady as it was likely it would be merely buffed out by the bumper, mentioned had been ok for my boyfriend to achieve that on her. But he said her car's front would not touch. (After speaking with the insurace company they claimed my partner fixxing it is a bad idea) My men car is the worse out of these it left in hood in, and smashed the radatior brakets. (His car lay higher then hers and thats why it created it) The cop did try and publish my partner a ticket however the female said it wasn't his problem another cars hit before he struck Auto #3. How can the insurance provider manage this? What will occur to our auto? We have Geico inusrance will no colistion insurance. It looks like his company that is inusrance is wanting to say it was all his fault."
Insurance over a 2004 hyundai tiburon GT?
im 16 and i need a 2004 hyundai tiburon GT for my first car and was wondering if you could offer me an appraisal on what the cost wouldbe for insurance each month when it is under my men title who is 47 he also offers an increase an armada as well as a 2500 dodge ram under his brand if that assists?
Just how much would auto insurance be for an 18-year ?
I am an 18 year old living in the Windsor spot in Ontario, Canada. I wondered approximately just how much auto insurance for me personally could be. I've been driving for 2 years, never had an accident, speeding ticket, etc. I consumed owners ed."
What sort of Document of insurance-do I need.?
Hello. The rule generally claims that when I have a fish or waterbed tank that is over 5 gallons I must supply the landlord in the level of $ 100,000 with a certification of Insurance. What type of insurance could I be seeking to cover this? I've an 18 gallon fish-tank that I'd like to keep. Thanks!"
Howmuch does insurance price for a 21-year old man?
That I want a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and I wanna get an auto shortly and that I was simply wondering if anyone understands an estimate on what much insurance would be. If that helps I'll be making payments about the car"
I dont understand how children are able a vehicle and insurance?
For me it'll get to save up for a reasonable car, however the insurance is per year much like 5000, how can someone manage that, will there be anything im missing? and is it only such as this where i stay (ontario)?"
"Insurance does that mean they declare him on his fees if my boy is on my parents?"
Okay my boy has become 1-year old. He's on my parents insurance and him. is more or less supported by my parents (pay for all expenses). Today my daughters daddy wants to fit him on his taxes. I know he just wants to get cash to get him a new car. He claims he will get me a vehicle also. but idk about that. After I told him I do believe my parents presently stated him, he started yelling its his daughter, and explained to provide him his safety card(he's a truly terrible temperament and gets furious to wherever i get afraid) therefore I did. However now I have to signal a i dont need too. Listed here is my point i told him that he is automatically on my parents taxes, because he's on the website insurance, to ensure that will mean i would need to consider aiden from their insurance(meaning he wouldnt be on any insurance)he started yelling how dumb I'm and just to signal paper, my issue ISIS it true that because my parents have him on their insurance, he is on the taxes. What must I do? Sorry long issue. Please no answers that are rude"
"I dont really have the amount of money to get auto insurance before i consider my driving exam?"
I dont possess the money before i take my driving test to get auto insurance. Is there anyways possible to have around that? dont only ******* say, get insurance often. Its a waste of my time that is damn. im taking it saturday and its particular in urbana ohio."
I needed to today about auto insurance responsibility?
my boyfriend is on his mums insurance, but the different time, he had just a little bump, which wasnt his fault, the person in-front held breaking automatically on a quite busy highway which caused him to somewhat proceed into the back of her car, theres no injury to his moms car and hes says (and i absolutely consider him) that the only little bit of harm to their car is really a few screws missing, nevertheless they've nonetheless got the insurance firm required, but he definitely wasnt liable for the tiny bump, it wasnt his fault, each other retained Adding on and i understand it is possible to crash your check like that over a busy route, I simply need to know what will occur about his moms insurance now as hes for splitting."
Since the passage through of The Economical Care Act (0bamacare) simply how much have your health insurance rates gone down?
Just how much more affordable is your health care?
Medical health insurance parttime work?
Getting insurance?
Is it true that I will have to buy health insurance or pay a fine?
I voted for Obama because I thought healthcare would be free. If I have to pay for it, I will be upset!
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About howmuch does a-car alarm save on autoinsurance?
I know this depends but just provide me a GUESS. or think about; use yourself for instance. Just how much does one save, should you had a vehicle alarm or can you save?"
Can anybody get house insurance that is inexpensive?
I live in an older home which is the family house. I have generally had homeowners insurance and am a senior citizen this year.seems it only got to pricey it had been out-of my reach. I'd want to get some but has to t reasonable.My house currently does require some small repairs which I will have to do...BUT can I w able to have insurance prior to the repairs are done.I comprehend I will must pay for those myself.But wish to try and get insurance for the future...Will they ensure a home ahead of the repairs are performed? or Not? Thank u I live in Texas
Need help with Auto Insurance?
I am A - 16 year old man in florida, who simply purchased a92 Buick Skylark and I must number what would be my best-bet I would like cheap insurance when it comes to receiving insurance"
Auto insurance- school that is operating?
Is it if u have done and worthwhile it how much have per month you saved on insurance"
What reports afflicted with obligation insurance?
What reports afflicted with obligation insurance?
"People n/e medical health insurance how do you can you, or pay for health care?"
I investigated insurance offered to me in Georgia and below what the least affordable prices me: $350/month, 20% specialist charge following a $3500/yr deductible, 3 physician appointments per-year at $45 each, $20 for each prescription, no dental/vision coverage and other expenses that soon add up to over $7500/year. And this all ahead of the latest price rise. Place the insurance companies and I have decided to save the exact same $7500/yr for medical expenditures up. I determine some years I won't utilize every one of the cash after I want it, and it might get towards the years. What is your answer?"
What is the coverage qualities of disability insurance?
What's the protection characteristics of disability insurance?
What is a good auto insurance for somebody that is 21?
Im 21 my vehicle is protected by my parents insurance-but she desires to take me down. What are some possibilities that are good??i im the full time student and live-in colorado.
Insurance for a camero?
After 16 or 17 change I do want to get a vehicle And It'll often be a 2012 camero or possibly a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Because I am not old howmuch will the insurance be for either of the cars?
Medican Insurance after 21 years-old???????
I'm two decades old i will be 21 soon, i observed after I am 21 years-old, that my medican insurance will soon be cut... Can somebody please inform me what I will do to retain my insurance???? Can likely to university regular aid, operating... Something please just tell anything to me that u know."
Howmuch does auto insurance expense for a 16 yr old in oregon?
I get my certificate in a couple of months, what am i searching @ for insurance costs. Oregon, age 16, contributing to parents insurance, state farm insurance, good qualities, individuals ed, acar with no failures but many milage under 7k$$. around how much can my insurance per month cost?"
Are my auto insurance quotes so substantial?
I am 17 years old, male, my birthday is 7/11/94. I am thinking of buying a car to master to operate a vehicle in then finally completely insure. I've not approved my exam you-but when questioned on insurance website's I have placed underneath the 'moment held license for as 1-month merely to get yourself a practical view. I just can not appear to get them to an acceptable price although I have attempted a massive variety of vehicles. On a chair alto 1.0 litre on gocompare I've been estimated 5999 for example. I've also tried adding my dad as an additional driver that has 15+ decades of knowledge no states. I also have explained the automobile will be parked on the drive and am presently a student. I live-in a semi detached home in a tiny area. On getting it along only possible, please could anybody help me. The only cars I'd not consider are 1. 2, citroen saxo. Ford ka. any type of fiat."
Simply how much may be the insurancwe distinction on the v6?
Its my first car im 16 I've state park i dont pace (the freeway but although in residential its a different tale! Certainly not but critical i dont get tickets) im a straight A pupil 4.0 average just how much is insurance for each
For car insurance could it be simpler to get it through a broker?
I'm 19 years old and that I haven't had insurance (I have had my certificate to get a year). There is a at this time charging me $508 to become covered for your year. Before obtaining this agent the cheapest I could discover was at State Park plus they were getting $ 720/year. To be honest I had been informed the specialist which would full $396 for your year would charges $33/Month me. Is the outstanding $102 their (the brokers) commission? What you think?"
SR22 Insurance Company dangers?
We got jacked by Geico regarding insurance. We're using an inexpensive fee and an inferior organization currently. What are the risks? What're issues I will be aware of? Arent the SR22 insurance's requirements insurance that is pretty great because of the form of insurance you need?
Can finding my dad's insurance is affected by a ticket?
And so I drove my dadis vehicle and that I produced an illegitimate uturn at an intersection and got a solution because of it. The car is owned by my dad and it's really under his insurance. May him influence at all? Easily don't spend the citation, will it does it perhaps influence the credit or affect his or my credit? I reside in Vancouver, BC."
"Do throughout every season you have to cover motorcycle insurance?
or just through the summer?
About how much could this boost your auto insurance annual in NJ?
In cases like this, it doesn't matter which kind of motor insurance you have or howmuch you produce. Let's imagine you are a middle class family with one 17 year old son and 2 parents who pushes on a provisional certificate. He simply received 8 details on his permit. About just how much will this boost your car insurance annually? And what are strategies to lessen it (if any)? Please answer totally, and also incorporate ideas. Answers will surely be appreciated."
Howmuch can insurance be for the intelligent vehicle which is produced in 2008?
Maybe there is a big from your different automobiles?
Howmuch is motor insurance?
Iam A16 yearold lady, like a guess howmuch would it be a month for me personally, although iam not to the honor roll? I'm confident i will in a couple weeks although i haven't gotten my certificate yet. is it an even more than 100 dollars monthly? thanks!"
"Since we purchase motor insurance in case sh-t happens, should not we get that money back if Sht does not happen?"
Motor insurance is the greatest ripoff actually. I hate spending it. Sooo in case material occurs, insurance manages it but then your prices go up!?! WTF? Thus if nothing goes wrong to get a full year, should not we get our money-back?"
Does anyone know of cheap insurance?
I recently recently found out I've a nodule on my thyroid but I've no medical care insurance. Its causing me relationship problems. I need help quick. I had a lung removed three years before due to a cancer scare the physicians all thought it was cancer. The very first location thyroid cancer matastisies to is the lung now Im afraid.
Inexpensive motor insurance!!?
I'm spending to much income on my automobile insurance i really need help to get an excellent motor insurance that is inexpensive!! I live over highstown nj us if everyone can help tellin me an insure that is good!!! Cheers for help that is u!!!
What's a cheap motorcycle insurance carrier to get a bike that is srteet?
What is a motorcycle insurance company to get a bike that is srteet?
Question for child about medical health insurance?
When am i imagined to attempt to get insurance for my boy? I've asked many people although Iam sorry if it is a completely ridiculous problem plus they don't know. He's not undue January 28th, 2012. Am i supposed to get insurance BEFORE after, or he's born? Could I also obtain it before he is blessed? It only seems like easily try to get it after he's delivered it'll get and he must goto the doctor immediately after heis delivered naturally. My insurance won't protect him. My fiance's may protect him however the company's homeowners have already been placing his paperwork down. Please help. :)"
Is it true that I will have to buy health insurance or pay a fine?
I voted for Obama because I thought healthcare would be free. If I have to pay for it, I will be upset!
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