Are volvos good for teens?

I am going to get a car for my teen and I was wondering if a 2007 black Volvo s40 would be a good choice. I know they are safe and reliable but I was also wondering if they are considered cool cars for teens and would my teen like it? I will ask my teen but I thought I would ask here too.
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Insurance to get a 16 year old in California?
I wondered insurance will be for me. I looked for a 92 Camaro v8 or Camaro, v6. i even have a 3.29 GPA. I'm 16. and also is it cheaper if the automobiles are older? thanks."
How will you put somebody in your insurance policy?
I've been protected for 36 months. Our bf desires to get a vehicle but on the most elementary insurance he is currently receiving prices more than 3000 with no no claims reward. I have attempted to obtain rates online to possess him on my insurance-but driving cars that were seperate plus it appears I can't do that online. Do you have to really telephone them up? As it's less headache I might prefer to do it online."
Motor insurance - isnt it cheaper?
Our associate and I have merely sold our vehicle. It was a Vauxhall Astra TDi 1.9 Diesel 56plate. We are buying a little run around vehicle thats cheaper to run. I found a Daewoo Matiz SE 796cc X reg gasoline. Apparently its class 2 insurance-but its in the same way costly as our car that is old. Could this be right if none of our details have transformed???
I am getting sued from an old car wreck? May my insurance pay?
two years before I used to be involved in an accident with another vehicle. We filed a police document and we each documented the collision to your insurance firms. the insurance companies had us each pay our personal damages, although a state registered with my firm. we both wandered away from the collision. 2 yrs later, i be given a licensed correspondence that I am being prosecuted for $10,000 (in my own obligation restrictions) for medical problems as well as other losses. Have a lawyer or I have to come in courtroom. It has been 2 yrs, will this be however covered by my insurance carrier after this type of very long time? And, do I've to get my very own attorney, or may the insurance provider support me? (they are a very good organization) that I contacted them and I simply learned, but they can't get back to me til wednesday while they find the old insurer's documents."
Have you got medical insurance?
Simply how much is it per month if so? How old are you? What kind of deductable are you experiencing? Feel free to answer furthermore also and if you do not need insurance does one support Obamacare?"
Does anyone understand the typical insurance quotes ?
Does anybody know the typical insurance quotes for 2007 Nissan Altima in New York?
Negatives of getting free healthcare insurance?
Like costco wholesales supporting non employees on medical insurance insurance
What do you folks believe could be cheaper in car insurance?
What would be cheaper in car insurance? Which one could keep going longer? 2003 nissan pathfinder- 185,000 miles 1989 corvette- 107 Im 18 years old."
Simply how much is a lot of for insurance?
Hello. i possess a 300zx twinturbo, I've modified it my self with some stuff. My question is the fact that the cheapest insurance I will get for it with full coverage is a month.Im prepared to buy it, simply because I enjoy everything about that car. but to my self I believe its way too much. Im 19 yrs old, and i wondered what kinda material brings down the quantity i would must purchase insurance? (when i was 18, i got my certificate, ive had it for approximately annually today) cheers."
"Support, car-insurance!?"
I failed my car into another auto, both card continual minimal damage, I simply paid for my car without consulting with my insurance to become fixed, is not this legal? And in addition can I reconcile a money contract using the guy I crashed into? Is that this all appropriate? Might somebody come check his or check my automobile likewise when the guy decided to go through insurance... Basically what would the complete method be? I havenot reached him yet"
"I'm going to a different state. Just how long do I've to obtain proof insurance drivers license, etc?"
Just how long do I've to perform the whole process of finding new evidence of car insurance, obtaining a brand new drivers license, joining my automobile, and receiving new license plates? I've searched about the dmv website before examining the internet site, and i am more confused now then. You have 1 month to get your vehicle registered but although the website statements you have 60 days to really get your drivers permit. This cannot produce any sense because in order to have your automobile listed you'll want a good drivers permit for the reason that condition (at least for that state i'm moving to). Can someone shed some lighting with this matter and the way long on-average an individual has to finish this overall method? thanks!"
"Pitbike insurance where is the best place?"
Im looking at finding for when im 16 very soon, a thumpstar road ripper 50cc! And i'd like an insurance price off a site that is good is known by the internet everyone?"
Likely to obtain a car. Prefably Vauxhall Corsa or Toyota Yaris. Howmuch would the insurance be. Simply how much about could insurance charge for 2E or 3E insurance party for an 18-year old girl in birmingham? Any cars you'd suggest being a first automobile? Cheap insurance? Thanks
Auto insurance question?
Okay, Iam 18 and I've been driving for over annually today. If my auto insurance obligations can decrease because I Have been a great driver I was wondering. $275 is presently paid by me a month for my mother and I. Anybody know if my funds can lower and if so by about just how much? Oh yes, I live in southern California if which means something. Any help will be greatly appreciated."
What is the best sort of tenantis insurance?
Whats is the greatest insurance for an apartment? What does it frequently cover? The condo rent will soon be $280 in Birmingham, AL. Is the greatest insurance to get the type that will protect people and many items incase of an accident wether it had been by way of a person deliberately, accident, or a weather related event? For those who have renters insurance-do you spend possibly a one-time issue or monthly up front if you should be on a year lease?"
Insurance issue?
Our pal has a 1990 Mazda B-2200 Club Cab 4x2 and he is paying $140 per month for insurance. I keep showing him that when he gets a fresh car his insurance charge can decrease due to the security characteristics on that car. Their vehicle has airbags no ABS or any other security functions besides seatbelts. He is looking to get a 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit. Today the Rabbit has normal 4-wheel ABS, aspect, top and curtain airbags, grip control, etc. the price tag on the vehicle is about $17, 000, 000-18 but he worried more every month, that he'll spend. Is the fact that am I or basically accurate completely wrong?"
Howmuch wouldn't it charge for a 17 year old to insure a Mazda Rx-8?
Mazda RX 8 2006 1.3L I DO BELIEVE its insurance group 16 but im not sure any cost quotes? Dont worry about telling me thats its a lot of cash and you ought to get a ka and all that bollocks haha I just wish to know after I complete my test to ensure my new Mazda, just how much it will charge"
Is it undesirable to cancel new-car insurance after only four weeks?
ok i ordered a poor car from the dealership that scammed me and im a fresh driver also it was the very first time I'd a-car and also the very first time i put on motor insurance exactly why im asking is because ive purchased the car and after 10 min of operating the vehicle it died on me and there is no warranty dumb of me not to obtain a guarantee and it also was a classic car anyways I acquired new car insurance and i sold the car and individuals was telling me that because im a new driver If i end my insurance early that i don't be able to start a fresh one or it will be tougher to open one-up in future is that correct?
Vehicle insurance disadvantages and why it should not be mandatory to possess motor insurance?
On why car insurance shouldn't be required, I'm producing a paper. I cannot find several details or much research whatsoever. If you could all place me within the appropriate way i would be very thankful. I would prefer just why someone shouldn't own it and to recognize the drawbacks of auto insurance."
What's the california car rule for insurance?
What is the florida vehicle code for insurance?
Howmuch does the vehicle insurance charge every month to get a 17 b/e teenager in US in colorado?
Using a 2005 neon dodge car? Support coz my cousin is goin this summer to get a car. thankx guys"
"I am 18 yrs old. By investing in a car I do want to improve my credit rating. INSURANCE ISSUES!!!!!?"
I know ican get accepted to get a car but insurance for a teenage male is un-godly a month, cheapest is 650, is it feasible to get a vehicle in my own name, but have insurance under my dads insurance coverage?"
Howmuch is car insurance for a 16 year old now?
Hello im sixteen i dont know where-to look for the total amount every site i get also wants a lot of data if you're able to discover one for me my zero is 17325 or offer an estimation to me. thanks!
Cheapest motor insurance to get an 18 year old girl?
I have recently approved my driving ensure that you all my estimates are developing as 9,000 000 that we dont think is standard, completely to 30. I know that insurance for youngsters is high but what is an average value I should be seeking and will I locate a decent price, what sites? I've 2002 corsa 3 doors. I have attempted all evaluating websites that have offered me the values above and all 'black-box' firms will not provide a quote to me as they are 'not available' to. Any support is likely to be valued:)"
"I dont have healthinsurance, what can I do?"
I live in California, I am a fulltime student in a comunitty college, as well as a part-time worker, my parents don't reside with me, I dont have healthinsurance, I do believe I would like a real,I believe my eyes are going poor,what must I do? (i cannot afford monthly payments of insurance firms)"
Are volvos good for teens?
I am going to get a car for my teen and I was wondering if a 2007 black Volvo s40 would be a good choice. I know they are safe and reliable but I was also wondering if they are considered cool cars for teens and would my teen like it? I will ask my teen but I thought I would ask here too.
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Is life insurance premium deductible?
I got a lifeinsurance on my own. I'd want to know if the quality I'm spending is deductible? If there a way to find out if it is if you don't know."
Crudentials for 17 year olds?
Crudentials for cheap insurance for 17-year olds?
"My sibling that is person is currently coping with my family, do I have to set him on my car insurance coverage?"
Our 29 year old buddy continues to be living at my spot for a couple months. My parents motor insurance still covered him in another condition, but I wonder easily have to fit him on my policy because he virtually lives with me. He simply pushes one-of my vehicles sometimes. Their living with us ought to be temporary (preferably no more than several more months)"
"Wiil insurance go up for a Low-Driving related, outofstate, alcohol possesion citation?"
I'm 20 years old and was mentioned for minimal in possesion of alcohol in PA (Entirely unrelated to operating). I plead guilty and settled a fine. Nevertheless, PA legislation determines a mandatory 90 day driver's permit suspension (which just is in-effect in PA). I actually donot live in PA, I live in NY. Will my insurance fee go up?"
I've pre existing problems & I'm 61. Where to opt for healthinsurance?
I'm having difficulty looking for medical insurance. I've pre existing ailments (take treatment for a delicate heart arrhythmia & for cholesterol) additionally I am on medicine for depression. And that Iam 61. I've explored the net without luck - insurance brokers who've called me state my issue makes me Uninsurable. Often that or I'm contacted by fraud artists. Does anybody have knowledge together with the Health Insurance Industry & have suggestions on what business to contact? Or what insurance brokers are respected? I reside in California. I welcome tips & your ideas. Thanks!
Wouldn't it be more costly for car insurance a car or truck or to get a brand-new car. (my mom has geico so thats who i would have)
Insurance carrier not willing to pay full-value for auto?
A red light ago a girl went and struck my car. Her insurance carrier got a week to have me a rental and a couple of weeks later eventually get look at my auto and motivated a complete damage. The adjustor was rather rude regarding the entire condition (yes I am aware that is their task) and were only available in on how my car has considerable hail injury which is incorrect. Every car or truck in Oklahoma has hail damage since we've had many storms in the last couple of years although there have been some dents from hail on the start and lid cover. He said due to the hail damage they will only pay $1250 which can be absurd although which they could have settled $5900 for the auto. I've accomplished my research and also the average cost of my vehicle within 200 miles is $6000 and I have acquired one estimate on fixing most of the destruction was $2000 however he boasts it'll cost $7000. The dealer I bought the car from just sold a car just with hail damage for $5000 like mine. The motor and the rest about the car was ideal. After I told him most of my info he chuckled at me and stated oh by the way we're simply paying for your rental and that means you should settle easily, take it or keep it therefore I stated I had been calling legal counsel. I'm waiting around the lawyer to contact me back but I just want to recognize, for to aid me, what should I look. I've have report of the costs for that same make and style and previously checked out the marketplace in my location. I can not go on it to some bodyshop because the vehicle is crushed. Any information appreciated."
Full coverage Autoinsurance? ?
Is detailed and impact all that's necessary to possess full-coverage? I pay 250 per month for my vehicleis insurance and made a decision to browse around. I stumbled upon a progressive quotation after I put down all my information, plus it questioned if I wanted to pay already. It came out to be 70 monthly. It's a collision and thorough coverage involved on the side in addition to some other activities and assistance. Can I only get modern or you think there might be anything they are not telling me? I just do not want to get it, also it works out my cars never as included as my current insurance. 250 a month only may seem like a waste to get a car that isn't even my driver."
Can using online driveris ed screw over my insurance?
I just wondered. Our older brother took a web-based drivers ed and mentioned it was a lot easier and quicker, but my buddies older sibling mentioned it screws over insurance, especially if you're some guy (that we am...). What are of getting online and in individual courses the pros and cons? Additionally, for after I get my license so what can Ido to lessen my insurance charges?"
"I need motor insurance, but have a terrible driving record right now. Any suggestions?"
After I have a bad driving history, how can I get insurance at a reasonable rate?? Ive named about 4 diverse companies, the best fee I came across was $209 monthly for 6 months. I have 7 points on my file presently!! I cannot get insurance and i am not committed so essentially I'm screwed...or I should look into spending a driver to basket my butt around."
Hey everyone quick question about my car insurance.?
Therefore I've been with TD insurance for just two decades today, I used to spend 208 a year ago plus it went down 165, and this year it went 145, but Iam transferring I named them when I told them my new postal code it went up 192.which is okay,but my concern is am I entitle towards the discount I acquired from last year and also this year on my new montly rate? Because I'd seats nothing, or no vialation I got them. Shouldn't I nevertheless be entitle on my new charge?"
"Teenage male car insurance, $150/month?"
I recently got a over a car for insurance also it would arrive at like $906 for six months? Is the fact that a lot of? While outlined on my parents policy, that's like $151 per month. I feel like this is a nightmare of a lot. when moved to my very own plan itd head to $1400 for six months"
What does it cost to obtain enrollment and label? Furthermore insurance per month?
I'm 18 years of age and also this is my first car...
What am I designed to do about health insurance?
Actually, my daughter and that I had health insurance and anything was great until higher than a couple of months ago we dropped it since there was paperwork I had been designed to outline by a specific day, but used to donot understand it, so they reduce us off... Well, I employed greater than a few months previously for medical health insurance and I still have yet to listen to something, despite my efforts to contact them-and abandon messages that were numerous... I also talked to someone at the front end desk and she said the day I named was the 45th day, which will be the final day and after that I would hear something from my staff in per week......well its been 2 weeks since then and not a concept!! I donot know what to complete. My daughter is 2 and she wants only actually and physical therapy has to see a doctor. I began working in your free time monthly before... clearly we can not afford insurance although my spouse is still currently buying career... That is ridiculous. My girl needs to have medical insurance What can I actually do to obtain an answer from these folks? anything"
Insurance for a 17-year old over a 1.4 Tennis S?
I intend to get a car, once I switch seventeen. I've seen A - 55 dish golf 995 which I'd like, for 3. Our Buddy features a 1.6 Punto, and over a grand. he gives just at 18 years Therefore I figure the golf will not be also bad. how much would it charge to guarantee? And no links to sites please, I cannot verify yet."
How can I get insurance with no employment?
I will not be getting insurance although I do want to be described as a full-time nanny. How do I get my insurance?
What is the very best sort of tenantis insurance?
Whats is the best insurance for an apartment? What does it frequently address? The house book is going to be $280 in Manchester, AL. Is the better insurance to acquire the kind that could include folks and many belongings incase of an accident wether it had been by a person collision, on-purpose, or even a weather-related incident? If you have renters insurance do you spend a one time thing or monthly up front if you're on a year rent?"
What's a great medical health insurance for the selfemployed?
I own a property trading organization and I need to get my children and me personally medical insurance. Do you know of a bit of good insur. Businesses for that self-employed?
Car insurance Issue?
I drove my friends car. I hit someone. It had been my fault. I dont know what type of insurance although our friend has insurance. Since she had a need to use my pickup, I was driving her automobile. If her insurance doesnt cover her damage must I help her buy it by borrowing my vehicle although I do her a benefit?"
Car Insurance to get a driver a new comer to UK?
My experience is in India, although I have more than 10 years of knowledge. I've recently got the driving license in UK. I wish to buy an Automobile here, but just can't afford the insurance. The insurance companies don't consider my more than 10 years of driving experiance into consideration and so are amounting me to your new driver. Is there any insurance provider who'd consider my experience that is driving and supply a much better quote?"
What increases car insurance payments?
I mistakenly dented my roomies vehicle using a scratch aswell. I had been informed by a good friend considering that the car was left if she got out a claim on it and he or she didn t list everyone who s to blame (in other words she doesn t know) that her insurance could purchase it. First is if so and not that false, might that raise her costs? She told me it would boost her premiums. Likewise she said all it required was to be buffed, just how much do those generally cost? She has 08 Saturn VUE or a 2007. It could not be worth every penny to challenge her since if the fan isn t that much. But is possible the injury might not be less then the buff can handle."
Just how do I get my car about half a mile?
I have no insurance onto it nonetheless, although I must get yourself a vehicle to my friends from my property. I have considered forcing against it and requesting somebodyis to tow it but I'm undecided however... I do not have insurance around the vehicle. Any ideas?"
"Just how much does 1 speeding ticket cost you, if you've Amica auto insurance?"
I live in Massachusetts. Possess an excellent history that is driving nevertheless now I am incurred with 1 racing ticket. Basically plead guilty, how much in insurance fees can it cost me? It's not a normal racing ticket DUI or wreckless. Cheers"
How much for bike insurance?
I'm a 17-year old male and thinking about receiving my motorcycle permit and am wondering if everyone has a rough estimation for insurance charge. I want to get anything small for my first bike, like a honda rebel 250. For leisurely operating in a rural community, I will use it. I have a good NYS permit and actually have not experienced any crashes."
Is there some inexpensive medical health insurance program within the U.S. that doesnt possess a massive deductible?
Is there some affordable medical health insurance approach while in the U.S. that doesnt have a huge deductible?
Are volvos good for teens?
I am going to get a car for my teen and I was wondering if a 2007 black Volvo s40 would be a good choice. I know they are safe and reliable but I was also wondering if they are considered cool cars for teens and would my teen like it? I will ask my teen but I thought I would ask here too.
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