What does an Insurance Agent do? Am I qualified?

I'm 19 years old and about to attend college this fall. I wanted to get a job before I started so I made a simple resume and posted it on Monster.com (job search website) My only work experience is being a bussboy/crew member at a resteraunt. But this morning I got an email from a Farmers Insurance recruiter saying that they have reviewed my resume, and would like to discuss a job opportunity. This is a complete shock to me and I really have no Idea what an insurance agent even does. Can someone fill me in? and am I even qualified for a job like this?
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"Insurance is cheaper for me once I have a provisional licence but?
Basically fit the full license in the qoute generator it goes up like triple the cost.the explanation im asking is basically because I wish to buy a car to practice but im frightened once I go and obtain a full permit the insurance cost may increase ridiculously.im A20 yr-old child and need a vauxhall corsa or citreon saxo
Motor insurance uk?
I've car insurance with one car i have whole no claims discount,i currently am thinking of operating another auto in my own brand therefore I got a for this car from my insurance company,.they mentioned as the second vehicle i want to guarantee i have none no-claims discount I've to start out again and generate it,.So if i obtain a quotation from the different car insurance company,will these problems however affect me."
"Generally speaking, simply how much does auto insurance godown after union?"
I getting married and live am 22, in Seminole County Fla. I spend 135ish a month today, just how much does it generally decrease???? I'm inexact merely a rough estimation?"
"Easily have people let, do I would like insurance?"
My parents wont allow me to get until i get insurance although recently, I acquired my permit. my parents car is insured. The insurance is 1000 bucks and thats if i commit everything I will be broke and just how much i have in my savings account. Im 18 but still in im and high-school buying a work i applied but no-one is currently choosing me and its annoying!! Im gonna waste that money i did save on some foolish insurance??? ?????"
Motor Insurance Issue!! Please Help!!?
Im 16 yrs old, have a vehicle, and am about to guarantee it. Our parents said that I could include their insurance coverage and my vehicle, also it will be cheap, but I would need to be more mindful about driving get prosecuted due to a collision. How much would adding me for their car insurance plan be? (I've a 1996 Ford Explorer, if that helps!) Thanks!"
Car Insurance Guidelines in Illinois?
Is it illegal to drive without auto insurance? I have insurance on my vehicle, it is a waste of my income along with just a pain because it's so costly. I was told by my buddy you also can elizabeth devote jail should you not have insurance and the state requires it, and that I understand illegal immigrants that do not need insurance that push get away with this particular **** everyday."
How could you keep your car insurance costs as little as feasible?
Motor insurance rates fluctuate to firm from company. What methods is it possible to supply others to assist secure the most aggressive price? Yahoo! Europe Solutions team note: This question is questioned by Gregory Ellis, cofounder of the the insurance shopping service kanetix.ca. Visit /YAHOO_answers to learn more."
Healthinsurance for Small Company Owner?
Wondering how to locate out a couple of things: 1) the most effective medical health insurance coverage and 2) to discover the best and most economical price. My man is the sole manager of the business he runs. He'd prefer to get health insurance that is good for the two people but what I've looked into has not been very cheap for good coverage or cheaper for not-so- coverage. Someone recently told us to appear into getting incorporated as that might help (I donot know how though). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
Will my Insurance Be Increased by improving my car?
Lets say I acquired a $3500 Honda Civic(Decent Situation). Now, lets say I got a paint job, new lid(nice), redid the splash, maybe change the engine using a faster(speed-wise) one(these are just instances, not gonna do it), would that boost your Insurance because I know they improve your insurance in case you buy a sporty car right off the bat. Thanks xD"
2003 Hyundai tiburon 2dr coupe. Insurance value?
So Iam a 17 year old girl.I'm finding my first automobile. If where Iam from makes a difference idk, Iam from arizona. Would there be coupe a 2003 Hyundai tiburon considered a sports vehicle to the insurance? In that case, simply how much more would it be vs. a vehicle that is normal? Please enable me!!!!"
Just how much could I provide to cover plaintiff on motor insurance claim monthly?
Im 19 years old, I've a provisional permit, and I had a vehicle with learner driver insurance. I'd simply slipped my mummy off and was driving when another car pulled out-of a junction and created into my car. The police saw that the other driver was responsible and were behind me during the time. My insurance was invalid however because my mom had simply got out of the vehicle. The other individuals insurance provider has become producing state for cost to his vehicle, could I provide to pay 10 monthly off the cost or may they take me to court anyway?"
Is there an age limit to qualify to obtain auto insurance in Florida?
I am 17 1/2 years-old, and I just saved money that is enough up to purchase my own vehicle. Could I insure the automobile without any help??"
"Is it cheaper insurance for you yourself to be a driver that is called in case your guardian possesses the automobile?"
Im 17, a child and that I want inexpensive car insurance, is that an approach that is better to have it?"
I am helped by someone with auto insurance?
I haven't yet got even a car or a lisence or perhaps a provisional and am 17 years old. Nevertheless I'm likely to get a car I have been considering insurance charges when I flip 18 and they are outrageous. Like 2,000 pounds a month? Or these actually reasonable. I sought out insurance entering a vauxhall corsa? Can somebody help? Enable me consider a great car that's inexpensive that will have insurance that is cheap."
"Exactly what does 100,000 300,000 coverage mean for car insurance?"
Does that mean 100,000 per person injured? 000 max per accident, 300?"
Our car was rear-ended but I donot have auto insurance?
Today somebody rearended my car. Our insurance continues to be terminated for a while today but I called the insurance company and a claim was submitted by them for me. When I mentioned that my insurance had ended, the girl who recorded the state said that the insurer will call me on Friday and present me the facts. I'm concerned about devoid of insurance at the time, although the collision was not my fault. Additionally, nobody was wounded inside the incident but my bumper had a very small damage. And should I concern yourself with something?"
May be the money pulled in the life-insurance in foreign region taxable?
I came from a dangerous place about ten years ago. In my place, I have a lifeinsurance that's like a saving account without interest. I pay the desired sum annually, and I may get the income when the insurance time completes in a few years, I saved. It will not be considered a big money, and will be just about 15% of my yearly income. If this money is withdrawn by me and exchange it to my banking account in the usa, would it not be taxable?"
"What happens to money invested in life time insurance basically live to 105?"
I'm 60 and obtained an entire life coverage in regards to a year ago but what if I live to 105? Is there insurance?
"Our motor insurance Progressive won't pay for my stolen car 2 times since my insurance got canceld!?"
I introduced my auto 2 months before from RPM car sales! I've full-coverage insurance with progressive! April 7th 2009 mom was suppose to pay for my auto insurance and on may 9th they directed her a cancelation notice! Subsequently on may 17th it got completed! Then at gas station my vehicle got stolen on april 19th! I named my insurance and the cops straight away! The follow morning my insurance said they don't since the insurance was canceld cover it! IS THERE ANYWAY I CAN PROSECUTE MODERN OR FIND SOMEWAY TO GET THE MONEY FOR YOUR CAR 00 BONNEVILLE WITH ABOUT 900$ IN AUDIO SYSTEM STUFF IN-IT! HELP ME PLZ THIS IS MAKING FRUSTRATED AND ME SAD!!!"
Cheap Car insurance for fresh and fresh people?
I am 21 and approved my test several days ago. That I are finding out and I realized insurance went to be an issue it's cheaper to be on different peoples policys... But and so I could get down it I wish to get my own personal policy. I'll be receiving something tiny, 1.1 or 1.2 for reasons that are obvious. The least expensive I Have managed to locate is about 700, thats with and 3rd-party a couple of named people on. Which was with Quick Cover. From the weekend of insurance shopping I've discovered that each one of these assess insurance sites are a lot of s***. Not had any quotes below 1500. Anyway, does anyone or does anyone have any tips for obtaining insurance know of any insurance providers that specialise insurance small or new people in. I just hope we would n't be tarred by them all with all the same wash... I'm not likely to be investing my days following other boy competitors in Saxos. I can see why it's not so low though you'll find a great number of idiots traveling."
What's the insurance cost to get a 40 year old man driving anew ferrari?
Dont worry im not 40 or can i manage a ferrari. Im just wondering just how much it costs to maintain one?
Cheap motor insurance in ontario?
Of getting my very own automobile this summer, I am thinking... Does anyone know of any inexpensive or plqce where there's not superior insurqnce for adolescents?"
"Why thus Low-Cost, insure the field car Insurance?"
I am a 1st-time driver thus insurance is definitely stupidly Superior, Nonetheless I was checking rates online and they were all near enough same value ish 2200 to get a 1.2 engine, nonetheless used to do a quote with cover the package also it was ONLY 935.45 with Voluntary Excess at 250. I understand regarding the field as well as the 6000 miles and allbut that is over 1200 cheaper than any insurer. It simply appears also can to be legitimate and usually? Anybody present us a hand with this please, much appreciated"
What's the life-insurance firm that is top / most reliable?
I'm a healthier 18 year old. Soon to move-out of home and onto university. I arrange for the long run. I entering the funeral company and am aware how important it is to pre plan, I myself. What Life-Insurance firm delivers affordable and reliable procedures 000 to get a healthy small 18 year old male, of $100? How much might the regular premium price?"
What does an Insurance Agent do? Am I qualified?
I'm 19 years old and about to attend college this fall. I wanted to get a job before I started so I made a simple resume and posted it on Monster.com (job search website) My only work experience is being a bussboy/crew member at a resteraunt. But this morning I got an email from a Farmers Insurance recruiter saying that they have reviewed my resume, and would like to discuss a job opportunity. This is a complete shock to me and I really have no Idea what an insurance agent even does. Can someone fill me in? and am I even qualified for a job like this?
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Renewal of motor insurance after crash?
I was in an auto accident in April 2006, I used to be injured while in the collision and still under treatment but insurance is now declining to pay for any medical payments and my 6 month restoration is up and I am wondering basically should renew this due to being in a or not. If anybody has experienced anything related like this might you please recommend. I had been not at fault within this crash and that I am waiting to know from a lawyer. Any Guidance? Considerable responses simply PLEASE!!"
Does auto insurance go up for those who have a 4-wheel-drive?
I am considering getting a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4. My vehicle recently broke down and it was a 2000 Chevy Suburban. Simply because they mentioned the price of insurance might go way up our parents do not really want to get me the Jeep with 4x4. I wish to understand about how much would it increase and why is this?"
Where could I get Inexpensive Life Insurance?
Where may I get Inexpensive Life Insurance?
Europe Motor Insurance?
Hello I am trying to find a rough estimate for motor insurance in Toronto. The insurance ought to be for an auto that is regular, just like a focus 2000 product. I have 4 years no-promises, committed and it is 28. I carry a full license (English and South African) and certainly will make an application for an Ontarian one when I make it. If anybody includes a related specifics, please provide your insurance estimate to me...it doesn't have to be spot-on. I got some from websites, nevertheless they all be seemingly $320+/m which will be quite high...I merely pay 42 ($80ish) in England, which is currently very high as I paid R110 (8.50ish) in South Africa. Cheers"
How much can my insurance rise into a bmw x3 from a honda oddessey?
Simply how much may my insurance rise from the honda oddessey to your bmw x3?
Simply how much will my driving insurance be for 16 years old?
People Age: 16 kind of automobile: Toyota responsibility limits: uh... Once the vehicle goes. crashs none, i think Crash Compensation &?: idk operating record: only started using it today lol credit rating: great =P zip code where car is maintained: 43221 its vehicle that is a rav4 bad, I recently require a ballpark geuss... My parents r attempting to make me feel its a lot more than i it is, just-so i dont drive... And stuff, yes... thanks justin"
Do I recieve cheaper car duty or insurance under theese situations?
I get higher level handicap and middle rate mobility DLA and my father is my carer
Do I would like insurance to purchase a?
Iowa- I'll be investing in a new-car this week (2004 Monte Carlo). Our permit is currently hanging, do before I take it house I have to get insurance? (My mother will be driving it home for me personally)"
"Basically get a 2nd automobile would my car insurance provider provide me any difficulties?
I'm the only real driver in my own home but register it under my name and I want to get my boy a-car and use it my insurance. He's a license and lives in a different target. Would the insurance provider get suspicious about something?
Which will be cheaper to guarantee an automobile?
I am going to obtain a car for university, but I only need some data. Our parents have AAA. Would it be cheaper to add the automobile onto their insurance (and spend them), or start my own personal insurance account using a different corporation?"
Cheapest Way for a global scholar to Drive an automobile with the overseas Certificate?
I need a vehicle cuz I'll drive around 50 miles per day and will stay in great britain for 1-year. the insurance is around 6000 to 8000 a year cuz i am operating with an international license and youthful although I appeared to get a cheap car. The lowest priced thing I discovered rent a-car for 13-14 aday. Is there anyway I will get cheaper in britain? What is the lowest priced letting diesel auto could I get in Manchester, if renting is the only option?"
Does anybody understand what insurance provider in NJ has there coverage start with the page F?
the policy number is F183941-4
Insurance provider totalled my car.?
I had been in a minor incident where someone backed into me. Their insurance provider approved 100% of the obligation. They are showing me that they are deeming it as being a complete reduction. Our concern is, once they decide the particular cash value of the vehicle, minus the repair and give the variation to me, will my title become a restored subject? I live-in Missouri and drive a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero. To the insurance provider it'll but although I couple of unique folks have informed me that creatures my car has ended 7 years-old it'll NOT have a salvaged name. Additionally do I obtain the real cash value minus the repair amount or do I get the restoration estimate amount minus the salvage amount? The automobile only includes a minimal bust in the bumper along with a puncture inside the a and is completely drivable /h condenser which I might have exchanged. I want to maintain the car."
What's the top motor insurance?
im 18 I simply purchased my auto and today i need insurance what's the lowest priced insurance available for a person of my era?
Are bank holidays operated on by insurance providers?
I noticed its bank holiday mon, although I'dn't mind benefiting from insurance for my moped tomorrow...Can this end me getting through to them?"
Which can be the best car insurance coverage for a reasonable price?
At this time I'm covered with Allstate. I'm under an Allstate plan called the platinum safety strategy by which I'll be eligible for a brand new vehicle if there is a collision. I do believe I'm paying a liitle too much for auto insurance. I have a 2004 Toyota civic. Both vehicles has full-coverage. Does full coverage is needed by a two-year old car. I am a driver that is safe therefore much there were no incidents. But twice struck and some-one came equally times and my older automobile the damage was protected underneath the other party's insurance. Is extensive coverage enough for me or could it be a good idea to maintain the total insurance. Any advice."
Maybe you have been aware of Bristol West Insurance Party?
I think they truly are located in California. Do you like their auto insurance if you've heard about them?"
Support!! Cost of insurance?
I'd prefer to know how selected factors determine insurance's price. 1) how can fees influence the price tag on insurance 2) how can number of statements influence the price tag on insurance 3) how does risk levels affect the price tag on insurance 4) how does predictability of danger affect the price of insurance 5) how does return from purchases affect the buying price of insurance 6) how can level of interest levels affect the buying price of insurance 7) how does profit margin influence the buying price of insurance 8) how does competitiveness affect the price tag on insurance 9) how does government regulation influence the price of insurance
Government motor insurance?
I have Heard About Car Insurance Paid Through The Federal Government For Low-Income Residences. Where Could I Find More Info About This?
May I use medicaid as an extra insurance?
Hello. I live-in the state of california. I simply discovered im still covered because Im under my mom's medical insurance under 24 and that I am a full time student. I do want to visit a doctor with my mothers insurance because I applied this unique doctor, although I have pregnancy medicaid and also be eligible for. My question is, can I still utilize my medicaid to cover my co-pays with this specific ob/gyn? I called work and they stated they could ship for what my mom's insurance doesnt cover, the bills to medicaid. I dont cannot afford to pay the co-pays and possess a job /lab fees/ fees that are hopsital. thanks"
Just how much wouldn't it charge for my 17 year old son to have insurance on a 2005 nissan 350z?
How much would it not charge for my 17 year old boy to possess insurance on a 2005 nissan 350z?
Cheap Auto Insurance in Europe for International Drivers License owner?
I am transferring to Canada in per monthis moment, I've a global driving certificate from Pakistan, which allows me to operate a vehicle in Canada for 2 months, I've explored a lot but couldn't find any organization facilitating any global driver's permit in Ontario. can any one help please"
Will simply obtaining an STI exam boost insurance costs?
I had been wondering if insurance specialists or any doctors understand as fact if insurance charges increases if somebody would go to their primary care doctor to acquire an STI assessment, even if they test bad for anything."
Insurance offer on nissan navra?
In febuary i will be 17 is there any possibility I'd have the ability to get a quote on a truck like that in a dreamworld
Health-insurance for children 18?
Hello. Im looking for medical insurance for my child who'll be 18 in half and a couple of year. We are equally from California. Does anyone know of any protection that will help that dont charge an arm and a calf... my insurance will simply can address her, and I dont have money. I recently dont need her to become without having medical help when her 18 wedding comes. Thanks for your help and please be pleasant."
What does an Insurance Agent do? Am I qualified?
I'm 19 years old and about to attend college this fall. I wanted to get a job before I started so I made a simple resume and posted it on Monster.com (job search website) My only work experience is being a bussboy/crew member at a resteraunt. But this morning I got an email from a Farmers Insurance recruiter saying that they have reviewed my resume, and would like to discuss a job opportunity. This is a complete shock to me and I really have no Idea what an insurance agent even does. Can someone fill me in? and am I even qualified for a job like this?
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